How do I make bookings with Viman.co.uk?

Booking the flight for your desired destination on Viman.co.uk is really quick and convenient. All you have to do is just visit our website www.viman.co.uk and use the filters to find the best flights possible for your travel dates. If you face any problem while making the bookings you can call us directly at our customer care number 0203 745 4455 and one of our executives will assist you.

How do I get to know that my booking is confirmed?

As soon as you make a booking on Viman.co.uk you will receive the summary of your booking details immediately in your email inbox or the spam email box and the e-tickets and confirmation will be emailed to you within 24 to 48 hours of making the booking. in case if you do not receive your travel documents within 24-48 hours of making the booking then please call us at 0203 745 4455.

What are e-tickets and why should I use them?

Electronic tickets or e-tickets are now offered by the majority of airlines which confirms the purchase of your airline ticket without requiring a paper record.

What are the advantages of e-ticket?

  • It allows you to travel without a paper ticket and thus help you in eliminating the worry of losing it, misplaces it or leaving it behind.
  • E-ticket reference numbers can be used at self- service check in machines which is offered by most of the airlines and thus you can avoid queuing at check in desks.
  • You don’t have to wait for your ticket to arrive
  • You will need to confirm the airline reference number given at the time of booking.

Where can I find my terminal and airline details of flight?

All the necessary details are available on e-ticket including the terminal, air carrier, and time of departure. If you still find any problem feel free to contact our executive with the reference number of your booking and get the desired assistance.

Can I transfer my ticket on someone else’s name?

It is not possible to change the name on a flight ticket so you need to make sure at the time of making the booking that the name you have provided is exactly the same as it appears on the Passport of the passenger.

What is the age criterion for an infant and children?

  • Infants 0-1 years till the entire period of travel
  • Children 2-11 years till the entire period of travel

Please note the infants are not allocated a seat and hence must travel on the lap of an adult.

What is the weight limits for most of the airlines?

Passengers travelling in Economy Class on long haul flights can carry one piece upto 20 KG without extra charges whereas passengers travelling Business Class can carry 30 Kg. No free baggage is allowed within Europe and on short haul flights so you need to purchase your baggage separately after you receive your e -tickets.

Does my flight baggage allowance include hand luggage as well?

No. Most airlines have a different weight allowance and measurements of the bags as far as hand luggage is concerned so it is recommended to always check the exact hand luggage allowance with the airline you are travelling prior to packing.

Will I need a Visa or transit visa for my trip?

Information regarding the Visa requirements may be found by accessing the individual country pages on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Website. You need to check with the embassy of the country you are visiting or the embassy of the country you are transiting regarding the visa requirements. The responsibility to ensure that you have the correct and valid travel document along with the necessary visa for your final destination, as well as any transit destinations, is yours; we strongly suggest that you check with the relevant embassy Viman.co.uk cannot be held liable for refusal by the airline to board you or any financial loss due to incorrect passport and/or visa documents.

What happens if I cancel my travel arrangements?

If you want to cancel your travel arrangements (flight, hotel bookings, car hire etc) please contact our executive at (0203 745 4455). You will need your booking references or any other relevant details to hand. Most of our fares, taxes and deals are non refundable. If your reasons for cancellations fall within the terms and conditions policies of any travel insurance then it may possible to reclaim some of all the losses incurred by you through your travel insurance company

What is Advance Passenger Information?

The law now requires that airlines must collect Advanced Passenger Information (API) for all the passengers before travel to or from certain counties like Dubai, South Africa, Spain, USA, Thailand and China. The information required include-
  • Passport number
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Full name as it appears on your passport
  • Passport number, country of issue and expiry date
  • Country of residence

In addition to this, for the USA, you will need to provide the address for your first night’s accommodation. Most of the information is collected by swiping most passports through a reader at check-in. However, because some of the new information required cannot be obtained from the passport and thus collecting this additional information at check-in has the potential to make the airport check- in process much longer which in turn will creating long waiting queues. So adding Advance Passenger Information will speed up the check-in for flights and it can be either done at the time of booking or by contacting the Customer Services advisor after booing on (0203 745 4455).

Can I change or amend my reservation?

To make the amendment to your flight reservations please contact us on (0203 745 4455). Please note that not all the bookings can be amended and this is subject to the contract of the fare purchased.

What is the payment methods used for ticket bookings?

Flight bookings can be done through
  • Credit/Debit card payment
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash payment in our office
  • Card payment can be done through E-pay link by customer

How will I get to know if I have charged for meals or not?

If you have asked for meals during the flight and have giver your preferences at the time of booking then such details will be mentioned in the confirmation mail that you will receive.